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AKRON, home of the Inventor's Hall of Fame, the Akron Civic Theatre, Stan Hyett Hall and Gardens, the Akron Areos, Blossom Music Center, and the Goodyear Blimp, has so much to offer that we can't stop asking ourselves, "Who wouldn't want to be an Akronite?!" So, IT CAME FROM AKRON has a special treat for that little Akronite wanna-be in you. Fill out the form below and submit it to us and POOF, you're an Akronite!

Most of you probably think that it can't be this easy . . . and you're right. Akron, being the mecca of greatness that it is, can't let just anybody claim the prestigious title of "Akronite." So, to qualify to be an Honorary Akronite, you must first take a short Akron Quiz. Once finished, submit it to us and, if accepted, we'll provide you with a list of all of the wonderful privileges that being an Honorary Akronite entails!


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Question: While taking in the delightful tones of one ot the oldest, working theatre organs, your head tilts back to look at the ceiling of the Akron Civic Theatre. What do you see?


Question: As an Akronite, what would you call the aircraft pictured below:


Question: Realizing that a tasty dinner is the way to a girl's heart, you swing into Swenson's to treat your date to an Akron classic. What do you order?


Question: Your daughter wants to get married in one of the most beautiful churches in Akron. You quickly rush to the phone and call Father Shindler at St. Bernard's. What will Father Shindler talk about in your daughter's wedding ceremony?


Question: While enjoy some of Luigi's famous pasta or pizza, the guests are entertained by which of the following?



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