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In 1974, 33,000 acres of land was set aside as a refuge against the threat of spreading urbanization. The Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area serves as a delightful getaway for Akronites and others along this 22 mile stretch of the Cuyahoga River from Akron to Cleveland. Originally forged by glaciers and streams, this beautiful park system features both steep and gentle valley walls forested by deciduous and evergreen woods.

The Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail runs beside the Cuyahoga River the entire length of the Cuyahoga Valley. It serves as a scenic route for bicyclists. The numerous trails throughout the parks make the Cuyahoga Valley NRA a favorite spot for both hikers and those just looking for an evening stroll.

There are many wonderful places to visit on the Akron end of the park. The F. A. Seiberling Naturealm (seen in the large picture and the top two thumbnails) features an enchanting arboretum, rock and herb garden, and a fun visitor's center full of entertaining exhibits, an auditorium, library, workshop, and classrooms. Sand Run (pictured in the lower left thumbnail) is a pleasant part of the Akron Metro Parks that has many nice trails and spots for family cookouts. The highest point in Summit County is called "Top-of-the-World" and features benches facing the west where couples can enjoy a stunning sunset (see lower right thumbnail).

Whether you're a life long Akronite or a visitor to our town, we encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful resource. All too often we spend our time cooped up in malls and movie theatres ignoring the simple pleasures. Next time you're looking for something to do, why not consider visiting the Cuyahoga Valley Recreational Area and the Akron Metro Parks. We're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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