IT CAME FROM AKRON is a public access cable program that can be seen on Warner Cable in Akron, Ohio at 7:00 on Saturday evenings, and in Washington DC on DCTV at 11:00 am on alternating Tuesdays. This companion website features some of the segments found in the television show. So, if you enjoy this website, be sure to tune into IT CAME FROM AKRON on TV!

The television show contains a series of one minute clips compilied from the video library of Grandmother's Video Productions. Most of the clips were either shot near Akron or were produced by Akronites. The one minute segments which make up the show can be understood independently, but regular viewers will find that many of the clips are continued week to week, thus building on what was broadcast in past programs.

Featured music in the show includes the Kent State Folk Festivals, First Night Akron, The Twist-offs, CD Truth, University of Akron Steel Drums Band, The Nimrods, Hillbilly Varmints, King Dapper Combo, Strip, Surfoholics, The Numbers Band, and many others. You can hear Rush talk backwards, William Burroughs recite, Happy Chandler sing, and Aunt Hilton reminisce. You can see the independent video of sTeVe, Zot Theatre, and Wallpaper.

IT CAME FROM AKRON is an innovative example of how public television can serve the community. We hope that it will encourage others to take advantage of this wonderful resource. Public Access Television allows the community to take part in what is broadcast to their neighborhoods. If you are interested in finding out more on how you can get your own public access television show, please visit this page.

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