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The IT CAME FROM AKRON website is designed to be a companion piece to the television program. For more information on the television show, be sure to check out the "Watch Us on TV" page.

This website is meant to compliment, not duplicate, the TV show. Each page is designed to show the flavor of the television segments in a visually, and sometimes audibly, interesting way.

These pages will hopefully serve to iniate ideas, rather than just feed ideas or entertainment to you. Many pages have text boxes which you can toss your ideas into and then submit them to us. If you want us to reply to you, be sure to include your e-mail address (though the e-mail address is never required). We will never provide anyone else with your e-mail address. You will receive no spam from us.

Some of the pages contain animations or graphics which may require longer load times. You will be warned before entering any page that has a size greater than 150KB.

This site has no advertisers, so you can click freely without fear of being launched into an advertiser's site. Of course, the links page will take you to some of our favorite Akron-oriented sites.

This site was designed entirely on an Amiga and is 100% Microsoft free, so you can browse with peace of mind -- No one was bought out, stolen from, or otherwised crushed by Big Brother to create this site. :-)

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