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The Alliance for Community Media is a non-profit organization that supports all local access programmers, including churches, public schools, Little Leagues, YMCAs, PTAs, seniors groups, American Legion chapters, as well as independent producers. From technical assistance to political advocacy, the Alliance promotes effective communication through community uses of media.

The Alliance's web site has a lot of useful information for any public access programmer. Learn more about making television by visiting their site. Click on the logo above or go to


Like all of the shows featured in our TV page, It Came From Akron (the television show) was made by a handful of people with a very low budget. Most people don't realize that everyone has the right to FREE airtime on their local cable networks. Making your own television show is easier than you think and can be a lot of fun!

Many cable companies have equipment that you can use to make your show, but a home video camera can work well too. Your show can be about anything, but most cable companies restrict the use of logos, phone numbers, and advertising.

The Alliance For Community Media (see inset) has a great website that gives a ton of useful information on making your own TV show. We've included a few tips of or own below.

-Know and follow all public access rules.
-Report any problems with equipment.
-Have a contingency plan.
-Meet all deadlines.
-Be courteous to the cable company staff.
Call your local cable company for more information!

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